Search engine optimisation channel gives free, unlimited organic visitors and leads around the clock. It isn’t inhibited by spending and website owners/businesses don’t have to pay Google each and every time visitors click through to their website through a search result. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a paid traffic source for businesses and website owners.

Google’s PPC platform, or Google AdWords, allows businesses to target searchers according to keywords or key phrases with targeting options such as location, time of day, device usage and advertisement type (text, display, and video). Advertisements stop getting offered as soon as the daily budget is reached – therefore businesses with bigger budgets can control PPC channels over smaller competitors. Each keyword costs a different amount based on market supply. More common and used keywords are more expensive whilst more unique keywords are cheaper. However with the ability to set your daily budget you can have piece of mind that you will never go over regardless on how many leads are generated by these AdWords.

Businesses favour SEO traffic and leads in the long run given the high purchase intent behind clicks and traffic. Over 50% of searchers through SEO will involve a local business within 24 hours of search and SEO clients are 47% along their buyer journey even before they initiate a search. There is a strong element of trust behind the first page organic or SEO results also translate to 900% higher conversion rate as compared to outbound marketing techniques.

This is why we will base your campaign off SEO and use other forms of online advertising and marketing to supplement the SEO part of your campaign.

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