Social Media



Very few small to medium sized businesses utilise Facebook advertising to its full advantage. There are many different marketing options within Facebook that can be used to increase your social media presence. Using the below techniques in conjunction with keeping your posts up to date and attracting new likes will not only grow your social media presence but also your website once linked.

Boosting Posts:

We can boost posts to appear on the feed of others that do not like your page, this will not only increase the visibility of that post but also get your brand out there and increase page likes. When someone likes this post it can appear on the time line of their friends also. So whilst you may only see one like there could be thousands of people that see the post and your page. As with Google AdWords you can set a budget, time frame and target audience. Giving you greater control over your Facebook marketing strategy. These can include direct links to specific parts of your website and therefore increasing visitors and potential customers to your site.

Videos and Video Cross Posting:

Adding a video to both your website and your Facebook is an excellent way to engage customers and create brand recognition. You can also cross post these videos in conjunction with another Facebook page if you have worked with them on a project.


Instagram is owned by Facebook so a lot of the principles apply for both. Instagram is a much more simple design featuring just pictures and videos. Linking this to all other online profiles will again help with SEO and the traffic of all your sites. Again you can advertise in various ways including photos, stories and videos. These can include a link to a specific page on your website which increases traffic to your site and potential buyers. You can again have control of time, audience and budget.

Leads Setup:

We can create link setups that allow your customers to contact you straight away via email, instant message, call or text. This creates a quick and simple solution should your contact want to contact you instantly. Your leads are also tracked so you can see how effective your Facebook marketing is.


For relevant businesses, we can create an online shop to display the products you sell. We can design your shop to sell a variety of products with text and photos. You will receive an instant message when a sale or enquiry is made about a product.


We can revamp your LinkedIn page to make sure everything is fresh and relevant to help increase SEO for all your online profiles. LinkedIn also offers a boost for your posts however this is generally used by professionals looking for work, not consumers. However, we highly recommend advertising any job opening your company may have on LinkedIn


You create and run job campaigns if your business is hiring and looking to expand.