Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Looking to grow your online store?Leads, Leads, and leads. No leads equal no business. Generating leads for your business, to close will improve your revenue and ultimately your profitability.By using our various online marketing strategies, InTouch will create more leads out of your website visitors.

We all want a website that generates leads. The process involved in creating this starts with a website that asks a visitor to click on a call to action (CTA) located on multiple pages on your site.
The CTA then leads the visitor to a landing page, which uses a form to collect the visitor’s contact information
However it’s not as simple as including a click her bottom on your home page, then magic leads appear.
To start you must be aware of the traffic of your site, it’s important to have the CTA on the right pages, some pages might be great lead generators, which you’re not aware of.

InTouch Media Group can conduct an audit of your traffic and start from there.Some common places where visitors come from are:
Social Media – visitors may have come from a social media campaign through one of your social platforms
Live Chat – having a live chat function on your website, visitors can come via chat after “chatting” to your customer service team.
Email Marketing – you might have had a visitor come to your website from an email campaign you conducted.
Blogs – Regularly including blogs on your website can attract visitors coming through from your highest performing blogs.

lead- generation

Once you have an understanding of where your leads are coming from you now have to be certain the pages the visitors are landing on are providing the ultimate interest to the visitor to keep them engaged.You must keep updating the pages with content to keep the visitor engaged with your website.

Real marketing, Real leads, Real results

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