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About Us

Increase leads, sales and maximise ROI

InTouch Media is a full-service digital marketing agency specialising in excellent custom website design and development and social media optimisation on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and much more. We then couple these products with various Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques. These products allow us to track and report to you how effective your online branding is and then how we can use these results and keep on improving. Using our analytics and reporting tools we can constantly change your marketing strategy to suit both your target clients and the current market.

We concentrate on results and ensure that each and every customer of us are receiving not only a product they are happy with but something that is unique to their business in order to maximise your digital brand. We pride our self on using the latest digital marketing techniques and the latest software to give all of our customers a results-driven product.

We see the digital platforms we create as a journey, where we can keep building on results and adapting to changes in the market place to ensure results for your business are always optimised.

Real marketing, Real leads, Real results

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About Us

Increase leads, sales and maximise ROI

We imagine a reality where customers trust their brand online before they have even come face to face with a business. One where each and every digital communication is important – be it on a website, in an app or via email – because every customer contact online needs to build trust in order to convert that lead into a sale.

When you work with us, you’ll be working with skilled marketing managers with the latest software and techniques at their fingers with the ability to create a digital marking platform that both you and your clients will love.

We believe in creating a product that is unique to your business in order to maximize your leads and in turn, your revenue. We see the initial design phase as the platform and the ongoing management (SEM & SEO) as the phase where we can continually build leads and convert them into sales thus increasing your companies profit. We will adapt to ensure that your leads continue to stream through even when the market changes, as even the smallest change in the market, often needs an adjustment to your online marketing strategy.

We provide a personal touch mixed with the knowledge of products and the online marketing world to ensure a long term, profitable digital marketing campaign.

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Our Vision

At InTouch Media, our vision can be summarised in a single statement – we want to be the best digital marketing agency in Australia. While this is a straightforward objective, it is one we recognise will take time and time is what we are willing to put in with our customers to ensure we get the best product for your business which then lead to maximum results.

Our Mission

At InTouch Media our goal is to provide the best digital marketing services in Australia to companies of any size in any market with the best results. We strive to develop programs and solutions that are convincing, creative and that generate a positive response from your customers in order to convert leads into sales.

We strive to guide all our clients to make a convincing digital presence. We want you to be involved in the process and the ongoing management in order to best capture your businesses individuality and to show how you are different from your competitors. We are confident that by using this process we can create an online platform for your business that is both friendly and professional.

Why Us?

Innovative and Analytical: We are exceptionally inventive and yet we are extremely logical as we trust that advanced advertising is something that is an even mixture of art and science. Using the latest software, techniques and reporting tools we can use these results to tailor make your advertising and online presence to suit your clients.

Out of the box thinking: We don’t want this to be a one-sided task. We want to collaborate with you in order to create a personalised online platform that shows what and who your company is. Using our large team of creative designers, engineers, SEO/SEM administrators, social media specialists and strategists we believe that the knowledge we will learn from you, coupled with our experienced team will result in an innovative and unique online platform.

Saving you Time and Money: Our SEO & SEM tools are state of the art and the latest in online marketing. Using these tools creates better results in less time saving you time and money whilst increasing profits at the same time.

Specialisation: We pride ourselves on having experts who specialise in certain aspects of the digital marketing world. We have experts in every field including design, Social Media, Algorithms, SEO, SEM, Pay per Click, Usability, Mobile and Tablet Optimisation, Reporting and Analytics, Website Development, Cross Marketing, Celebrity Endorsement and much more. We believe that this level of expertise is an absolute necessity when it comes down to beating your competitors to a lead or sale. We recognise that some tools will work for some business and not for others so we are dedicated to matching up the right tools with the right goals for the right businesses.

Training & Development: At InTouch Media we learn regularly. We are always studying and learning new ways to innovate and develop the most successful marketing tools for your business. We are constantly training our team on new ideas and attending seminars for new ways to interact with customers online. It’s no secret that the online marketing world is forever changing and it’s for that reason we are always looking to change and adapt our methods in order to remain in front of the curve so potential customers are not lost!

Dedication: Via research and customer engagement we want to know every detail of your business. We believe that knowledge is power and the more we know, the more we can tailor make a marketing strategy to your exact business. We are willing to spend the time to get to know you in order to create the ideal marketing plan. It doesn’t make a difference if you are in a niche market or have large competitive, each and every brand needs a marketing strategy.

Ongoing Support: Through our ongoing management we will continue to re-evaluate and make sure we are doing everything possible to get every single potential client to your door! We believe that the design and implementation of your digital marketing profile is only a small part of the overall plan. We want to continue to engage with you to find new and innovative ways to continue to generate leads for your business. We will continue to support and guide you throughout your online media journey!

InTouch Media is an innovative, friendly and dedicated digital marketing agency who is committed to ensuring you have both the platform that showcases your business and the ongoing support and skills behind you to ensure leads are generated. Contact us today to find out how we can help improve your online media profile, create leads and increase revenue for your business.